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Aunt Agony

Welcome to "All about Tea"

The Victorian Teashop in Matlock Bath presents this special website which is all about tea, with introductory notes from myself, Aunt Agony, in my inimitable style – and why not? I think it's a great idea.

This website is separate from the main Victorian Teashop site and is dedicated to the subject of tea in all sorts of ways, as you can see from the page links above. Like all our designer chap's other work, it is intended to entertain as well as inform, so let's hope it does for his sake. Meanwhile, I shall do my best to help things along.

The Victorian Teashop

Our designer, who thinks he owns the place, by the way, will be adding to the site as time goes by if he finds new information he can be bothered to work with, having said that, he has done all this and all the other sites too, so perhaps I am being a little mean. In fact, he has recently added a new section about collecting tea cards.

As already mentioned, we are based at The Victorian Teashop in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, which has it's own amusing website at the link above and I must just mention that it also contains my own 'agony page', where I sort out all those silly billies who write in with problems relating to tea.

The Victorian Teashop 2

We are almost as passionate about Matlock Bath as we are about tea and opened The Victorian Teashop as part of our Life in a Lens Museum of Photography and Old times, which is upstairs on the first floor. I've never looked at it myself, but I have walked through it occassionaly and I can say that it looks rather good, if a little creepy, with all those mannequins staring away like they're expecting something – they follow you with their eyes. I'm sure some of them have written to me at my agony page – God knows they look like they need help, hanging around in those Victorian surroundings all day without a cup of tea in sight.

Life in a Lens Hallway

Anyway, I digress. Our cherished designer (I had to say that) has provided a number of websites which he insists you will be interested in, including a Live Web Cam site featuring Matlock Bath and also a website featuring a report into what could make Matlock Bath a better experience for it's residents, business people and visitors.

The Victorian Teashop 3

He has also produced a lovely pictorial website presenting Matlock Bath at its very best, which simply invites the would be traveller to take a look and is called Visit Matlock Bath.

All the site links are listed below.

I am asked to inform you that (apparently) this website will be developed with loving care as time goes by. All the websites are re-developed and updated from time to time and one or two include news information and weblog content (don't forget my agony page). The Matlock Bath Web Cam is updated every minute of everyday between dawn and dusk – subject to technical difficulties, of course – which I am told are very rare indeed.

Speak soon, and very dear regards – Aunt Agony.


Aunt Agony's tea cup drawing

One of Aunt's doodles.
Done whilst awaiting 'incoming'
as she calls her postbag.


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