Health advantages Fig Leaf Tea
Health advantages Fig Leaf Tea

Figs are a rare mixture of great flavour, remarkable health advantages, perfect shelf life, and simple availability throughout the year, making them a must-have for your regular diet regimen.

Studies present that figs are one of the healthiest foods on earth.

Health advantages Fig Leaf Tea

Help in weight loss

Figs are top in fibre and low in calories, with a 100g serving of fresh figs containing just 74 calories and 2.9g of dietary fibre.

Eating figs make one feel longer and complete. Studies present that high fibre diets are far excellent for fit weight management.

If having dried figs, one must bear in mind that 100 grams of dried figs has 249 calories, and portions must be managed accordingly.

Improve sexual health

Figs with honey and milk have been served as an aphrodisiac since ancient times.

Figs contain zinc, iron, magnesium and manganese-all this help maintain the hormonal levels.

In the past figs have been used to combat ED, while it may not treat the problems, it does boost power levels and stamina.

Fight cancer

Figs are top in anti-oxidant substances, such as flavonoids, Vitamin B, A and Polyphenols.

All anti-oxidants save the body from the bad effects of free radicals.

Figs are also one of the most fibre dense fruits accessible, and fibre helps the body get rid of free radicals and other cancer-causing substances.

It helps keep colour cancer and abdominal cancer at bay.

The hormone regulating features of fig also help breast cancer away, mainly in women going via menopause.

Regulate blood sugar

The leaves of the fig tree posses anti-diabetic features and decrease the body’s dependence on the insulin injections.

Figs also help regulate the amount of sugar that is absorbed in the blood post a meal.

Famous fig trees make these best MEDICAL tea

T2 Tea- Christmas Tea Sampler Giftpack: Tea Stash, 20 Variety Teabags in Individual Sachets

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  • CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Take your tastebuds on a trip and celebrate your love for tea with twenty different flavours!
  • STORY: We kept the name simple on this one so you can use it for whatever tea goodies they want to store. This pack will fly this Christmas and is the ultimate gift for your tea exploring loved ones!
  • SAMPLE OUR FESTIVE CLASSICS: This gift set contains Chai, Christmas Breakfast, French Earl Grey, Lemongrass & Ginger, Melbourne Breakfast and Sleep Tight teas
  • CONTAINS: Twenty teabags, with a twist! 20 x Individually Wrapped Teabags in our best selling flavours. Total Weight 46g/ 1.6oz
  • CERTIFICATION: T2 is a Certified BCorp with the highest standards for ethical and environmental sourcing, ensuring we love our products and our planet in equal measure. All our tea is 100% certified sustainably sourced.

Heavenly Tea Leaves 9 Flavor Variety Pack, Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set, 9 Assorted Teas & Herbal Tisanes

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  • Enjoy a gourmet collection of 9 bestselling Heavenly Tea Leaves loose leaf teas & herbal tisanes. We pride ourselves on sourcing the worlds best loose leaf teas & botanicals.
  • Includes: Flavored Green Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Flavored Black Tea, White Tea, Flavored Herbal Tisane, Herbal Tisane (2), & Rooibos Herbal Tisane
  • With approximately 10 servings of tea per can & 90 total servings this sampler is a great way to try out a variety of different loose leaf teas & herbal tisanes.
  • Our samplers are packed in an eco-friendly kraft paper gift box. This makes for the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthdays, or other happy occasions!
  • Depending on season and availability, teas in this sampler may vary.

Organic Echinacea Tea Bags (100 Bags) by The Natural Health Market • Yogi Tea • Non-GMO Natural Herbal Tea 10 - 100 Bags

£19.99  in stock
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  • ORGANIC CERTIFIED - Soil Association certified organic, sold by an organic licensed family business
  • NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS - echinacea tea is a natural source of antioxidants
  • 100% PURE BOTANICAL TEA - our echinacea tea is made using only the finest echinacea plants and contains not other ingredients
  • PLANT-BASED & BIODEGRADABLE PYRAMIDS - made using our signature tea plant-based biodegradable mesh
  • THE NATURAL HEALTH MARKET - a family Midlands based business motivated and dedicated to providing high-quality value for money nutrient rich whole foods, herbal teas and natural supplements.

Ahmad Tea Wooden Box Tea Keeper with 8 Black, Fruit-Flavoured & Green Teas - 80 Teabags

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  • LUXURY GIFT - our luxury tea keeper box with our selection of multi-award teas is a perfect gift for any tea lover! Birthday’s, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas...
  • TEA SELECTION - the selection of teas include award winning black teas, green teas, and fruit teas, ideal for any moment. English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Tea No. 1, Green Tea Pure, Jasmine Romance, Peach & Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sensation, Blackcurrant Burst.
  • GARDEN FRESH - each individual teabag is garden fresh sealed to best preserve the flavour and aroma, ready for whenever you want to enjoy it.
  • AWARD WINNING - the thoughtfully curated selection of teas include our award winning Earl Grey and No1 black teas, as well as Jasmine Romance green tea. Also included are some of most popular fruity teas.
  • PREMIUM FINISH - crafted from premium dark wood and lined with luxury green felt, the high quality look and feel of our tea keeper is solid and smooth, and finished with gold detailing.

Sayan Siberian Chaga Mushroom Tea (20 Unbleached Tea Bags) Caffeine Free, Exclusive Blend of Raw + Extract, Wild Harvested Immune Supporter and Natural Antioxidant

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  • Potent Immune System Booster. Premium 20 tea bags of aromatic refreshing tea for overall wellness! Exclusive blend of raw and extract chaga helps boost and modulate the immune system naturally. A must drink tea during cold and flu season!
  • Powerful Antioxidant: high value of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and Superoxide Dismutase neutralize damages done by free radicals, protects health and slows down the aging process. Powerful anti-aging blend to regain youthful essence and become positively healthy!
  • Improve Digestive Health: A healthy longevity tea to keep your digestive system in shape. It helps relieve indigestion while keeping the digestive system working smoothly. Our Chaga tea is great detoxifier, it effectively clears your body from toxins.
  • Stress Reliever and Natural Energy Booster: A highly praised powerful adaptogen increases the body's resistance to stress and eases mild tension. Boosts Energy without caffeine! Great source of polysaccharides and beta glucans, melanin, essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Wild Harvested in pristine remote forest and produced at FDA registered facility with compliance to all Good Manufacturing Practice Requirements. Safe for vegans and vegetarians. No additive fillers or GMO. Gluten, Dairy and Caffeine Free!

Heavenly Tea Leaves 9 Assorted Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box, 9 Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Tisanes

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  • Enjoy a collection of 9 Heavenly Tea Leaves assorted loose leaf teas & herbal tisanes!
  • Includes: White Tea, Flavored Green, Sencha, Jasmine Green, Rose Black, Earl Grey, Ginger Jazz, Peppermint, & Blueberry Delight
  • With approximately 10 servings of tea per can & 90 total servings this sampler is a great way to try out a variety of different loose leaf teas & herbal tisanes.
  • Our samplers are packed in an eco-friendly kraft paper gift box. This makes for the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthdays, or other happy occasions!
  • This tea sampler set features a variety of loose leaf teas (naturally caffeinated) & loose leaf herbal tisanes (naturally caffeine-free)

P & T Jackpot Derby, Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea Master Blend, Mix of Black Tea with Fruits, Style Caddy (90g / 3.2oz)

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  • Subtle Blend of black tea with sweet fig aroma
  • Inspired by the easy-going style and floating energy of a day at auto racing, this large mug combines a bold blend of rich black teas and hints of warm leather, tobacco and ripe fig notes. A drink worthy of the "2 most exciting minutes of the sport".
  • Preparation: 4 tsp / 250 ml, Temperature at 90 ° C
  • Certified Bio CE EU

Biojoy Organic Dried Figs - Without Sugar and Without Sulphur (1 kg)

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  • ➤ ORGANIC FIGS, DRIED | Our ORGANIC figs are a very aromatic and gently dried natural product that comes from controlled organic crops - unsulphured and 100% free of any additives.
  • ➤ WHY? | Sweet figs, both fresh and dried, have been considered a delicacy since ancient times. The dried fruit tastes delicious and is particularly rich in fibre and magnesium.
  • ➤ HOW? | Dried figs can be enjoyed as a fruity alternative to sugary desserts. They can be also soaked to enrich oriental recipes in various ways, for example in hummus.
  • ➤ OUR TIP | Energy boost for athletes: Dried organic figs can be combined with hazelnuts, walnuts and oat flakes to prepare delicious cereal bars high in fibre and naturally sweet.
  • ➤ SATISFACTION | It would be great if you would leave us a short review after your purchase. Your feedback is the only way to tell us and other customers how satisfied you are with the quality of the dried ORGANIC figs. Thanks for your support!

Peppermint Tea Fine Cut Leaves Herbal Tea Infusion (1kg)

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  • Brand: A Kilo of Spices
  • Tea Type: Herbal/Tisane
  • Flavored Tea: Mint
  • Form: Peppermint Tea Leaves
  • Food Specifications: Decaffeinated, Vegan, Vegetarian


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