Glass Teapot and Loose Leaf Infuser
Glass Teapot and Loose Leaf Infuser

Ansio Teapot Infuser made with Borosilicate Glass makes an ideal gift for your family and friends this Christmas!

Serves approximately 2-3 cups of tea.

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Features Ansio Small Glass Teapot With Infuser Steel

This 300ml Dishwasher safe Teapot comes with a 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel lid and an infuser.

The Teapot can also be used without the infuser, aiding in ease of use and cleaning.

Clear Teapot is designed with a non-dripping spout and an easy-to-hold and pours handle.

Perfect for use with loose and scented tea leaves.

Enjoy your afternoon tea simply by adding your favourite tea leaves and pouring hot water into the Teapot.

Ansio Small Glass Teapot With Infuser

Why Buy A Glass Teapot With Infuser?

A glass teapot with an infuser is the best display for the aesthetic appeal of blossoming tea and loose leaf teas.
Lead-liberated glass is likewise much healthier compared to metal or any other supplies.
The clear glass teapots may be combined with loose-leaf, flowering tea and bags.