Health advantages of Hibiscus and Hibiscus Tea
Health advantages of Hibiscus and Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea is caffeine-free tea made from flowers of the Hibiscus plant.

The tea is made from the calyces and sepals, not the actual petals.

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Health advantages of Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea is a famous drink in several states, from Asia to Africa to the Caribbean, and various forms have their unique ways of preparing the drink.

In some places, including parts of China, Hibiscus is blended with black leaf tea.

Though not as famous in the USA, Hibiscus leaf is a prevalent ingredient in herbal teas.

It imparts a tangy taste and deep purplish redo shade to blends of which it’s an apart.

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Health advantages of Hibiscus and Hibiscus Tea:

Traditional uses of Hibiscus include the cure of high BP, the lowering of temperature, and the cure of liver issues.

Unlike several herbs, Hibiscus has been studied relatively widely.

There’s even some fairly conclusive human research establishing its efficiency for various cures and compared to primarily used medications and exploring side effects.

Though most of the searches used standardized extracts of Hibiscus, Hibiscus Tea has been studied to some degree and shows promise that tea can be helpful as a cure in some cases.

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5 Health Benefits of Drinking Hibiscus Tea

  • Lower fever – Hibiscus Tea has been shown in laboratory animals to have fever-lowering properties. Evidence suggests that its action system is different from aspirin, which also reduces fever.
  • They are lowering BP – Hibiscus Tea is also helpful in lowering blood pressure and supporting its use for hypertension. Hibiscus Tea extracts have been compared to the drug Captopril and were found to be equally efficient.
  • Protecting the liver – the effects of different chemicals on the liver are way more complex and wrongly understood. Still, there’s some evidence that Hibiscus Tea can protect against damage from several chemicals.

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