Lipton Green Tea Side Effects
Lipton Green Tea Side Effects

Natural green tea is well-known for its healing as well as anti-oxidant properties, and now the Lipton brand makes it very simple to grab a jar of tea at your local store.

In our health-conscious world, you might wonder if the advantages outweigh the risk of most drinks and foods.

While green tea does have a few possible side effects, they’re minor and simply preventable.

It is similar to other teas and should not cause any unusual side effects.

Stomach Complaints

If you’re a sensitive stomach, you might experience a boost in gastric acid.

This can cause heartburn and stomach pain. Again, moderation is important.

Decrease intake of green if you experience issues.

Birth Defects

Consuming too much Lipton green tea has been shown to the reason for neural tube defects in unborn kids because of caffeine, CATECHINS, and tannic acid in the tea.

Some tea might be fine. Huge amounts might be harmful.

If you’re concerned, it might be great to cut out green tea consumption together.

Malabsorption and Stimulation in Children

If you want your kids bouncing around the home, let them consume tea.

If you prefer them a little less stimulated, try some healthy and fresh juice without added sugar or caffeine.

Also, the tannins acid in tea might block the absorption of fats, proteins, and some other vital nutrients in young kids.

Weight Gain

While Lipton is no different from most other green teas in its real form, the green tea bag, it’s used in hazardous products.

Iced green tea from Lipton has 200 calories, mostly from extreme fructose corn syrup. In this case, it is not better for you than the average soda pop.

If you wish to grab a bottle of Green tea, ensure you consume it without sugar unless you need a healthy enhancement of empty calories along with your anti-oxidants.

Green Tea: Health Benefits and Risks

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