PluieSoleil Glass Teapot 350 ml Teapot
PluieSoleil Glass Teapot 350 ml Teapot

Need an affordable yet perfect looking and top standard teapot that would be perfect for all kinds of tea, including fruit and herbal varieties?

If so, make your choice in the taste of the PuieSoleil Glass Teapot.

Though this teapot comes at an affordable low price, it looks just as amazing as more expensive models.

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Featurs PluieSoleil Glass Teapot 350 ml Teapot

Made of heat-resistant stuff, the PluieSoleil Glass Teapot is best for brewing a true Chinese tea following all traditions.

And the best sipping experience is promised: thanks to a premium glass body and top standard steel infuser, your cuppa would not absorb any strange taste or smell.

One thing that slightly mars an otherwise best teapot is its lid – you will need to get used to nearly it strongly.

On the bright side, the PluieSoleil Glass teapot is offered in many sizes, so if 300ml capacity is not sufficient for you, you can pick different ranges.

This makes it a remarkable choice for any family, both big and little.

Another thing we love about this teapot is that it is very simple to clean. The infuser and lid are simple to remove, and you can clean it inside thanks to its wide neck.

Besides, it is dishwasher safe. That said, personally, we would not advise washing it in a dishwasher. It is still glass, after all, and you need to be extra alert with it.

All things considered, if you are in the market for an affordable teapot that would be made of durable and secure stuff and look stylish and elegant, you have just found it.

The PulieSoeil Glass Teapot is the buy you would not regret.

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Tea for one

350 mil ultra-clear glass teapot with stainless steel infuser, little teapot, best for personal use.

Simple to make up of tea for yourself during an afternoon break.

Durable material

High borosilicate glass, warm resistant. The clear glass makes the teapot look modern and stylish.

The best gift for your friends and family on any occasion such as a festival or birthday.

Food grade removable stainless steel filter

Best for those loose leave tea or scented tea.

The lid can be used alone without the infuser, making it simple to clean and use.

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For hot and cold

The teapot can withstand a quick temperature change from minus 20 to 130 C.

It will stay intact even if it fills warming water into the frozen teapot quickly.

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